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tv   Journal  PBS  December 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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left hello and welcome -- >> hello and welcome to the journal. >> glad to have you with us. the greek parliament fails to elect a new president for the third time. country is now heading for a snap general election in january. >> the last messengers have been rescued from the burning very in adriatic sea. -- the burning ferry in the adriatic sea. >> and research mission has extended martin 24 hours after air -- after contact with the asia airlines aircraft over java sea was lost.
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greece is headed for a election to parliament failed to choose a president. any major setback for -- and a major setback for the prime minister. >> it fell well short of the one hundred 80 votes needed in the third and final round of balloting. parliament that has to be resolved -- dissolved within 10 days and a fresh election held. >> opposition deputies applauded the results. they got what they wanted, fresh elections is that of a new president. 168 votes for the government candidate with 12 to view. life-threatening the majority required -- >> that means the majority required by the constitution is not been achieved. >> and that means fresh elections. even before the vote, this newspaper wrote" the dice cap." -- the guy is cap --the die is
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cast. but every month i go to glickman tension and every month the government reduces it. quest parliament -- >> parliament is to be resolved -- dissolved in the next 10 days. one leader could put the international bailout plan in jeopardy. >> correspondent is in athens following this story for us. will you get from the people what he could not get from parliament? >> that is what he's hoping for that greece opposed to the majority in recent polls, that they will rally behind the ruling circuit of party --
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behind the ruling conservative party. [no audio] his opinion polls -- if opinion polls hold true, more greeks are prepared to go the other way and vote against austerity. it will be a difficult gamble for the prime minister. >> would kind of consequences that have yet to -- would that have? >> it would definitely spook and already wary market. just news of the presidential election today sent stock markets plunging -10 points. the fear is the winner of these elections, his policies would
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undo the fiscal discipline that has been ordered by these international creditors for so many years. that could spell a lot of problems for the next government. >> we also know that the eu is asking greeks to support economic reform. what is the mood like in the country? >> it is a numbing mood. i think everyone is in a wait and see situation and they definitely do not want any prolonged crisis. >> thank you very much for bringing us up to date. >> let's see how the german markets reacted to resist trouble. lee is at the stop exchange for us. -- the stock exchange for us. how do they think the news? >> they took it badly. it came and the dax did some more. it has since recovered of it but it is the losing and there are further signs of crisis.
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we just mentioned a colleague in athens. we just mention the result of the greek shares down there are catastrophic. and the elections announcement and the fears that there could be a crisis, shares have gone down there over 20%. and the rest going down in greek bonds, italian and spanish fonts, and prices for german bonds as a safe haven as they are perceived are going up as a consequence. >> why are traders so worried? >> they are worried because the origins of the sovereign debt crisis emanated from greece as a dominant -- domino effect to other countries. nobody really knows how it will turn out when the election happens in january. that is the big fear.
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will they be affected by greece, or others? when they look at the dax, the euro stoxx, both clearly at the red. the euro is holding up surprisingly well, but it has already lost a lot of ground this year. >> thank you for the update from frankfurt. all passengers have now been evacuated from the burning ferry in the adriatic sea, but the death toll still sits at five. with almost 500 were on board when a fire broke out the island of corfu. bad weather and gale force winds have hampered rescue operations. first, this report. let's smoke and flames -- >> smoke and flames poured out of the ship on the adriatic sea. in the italian port of bari survivors disembark a rescue ship. they will be checked by a
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medical team. >> we are in the process of establishing a condition of the passengers. the cheaper rescue operations has reported that they are -- the chief of rescue operation has reported that they are all in good health. we need to determine who can be hospitalized and treated here at the medical center. >> bad weather continues to be hampering the emergency operation. the fire is believed to have begun on a deck containing chemicals. a criminal investigation has been opened. questions are being asked as to how the blaze could have gotten so out of control. a recent section found several safety flaws including a defective fire safety door. the owner of the ship said it was repaired. >> we are hearing that all
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passengers have been evacuated from this very. tell us more. >> yes, tying authorities have said they only members on board our crew members. most of the passengers are citizens from greece and had contacted greek tv and told them horrible stories. there were truck drivers with families tilde going to holiday in italy. they described horrible scenes waiting for help and asking why nobody comes to help. >> there are still some crew members on the ship. what about the fire? is it under control? >> yes, the fire seems to be under control now. but we also heard from the
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captain. the situation is that this very -- this fairy -- ferry is not able to go by itself. it has to be towed to the italian coast. quest there are reports -- quick there are reports that they fight -- they started a criminal investigation into the fire on the ferry. is there a suspected foul play? >> they were many technical and security problems on the ferry. it was checked in the middle of december and there were some problems with security doors which could not close. all of these problems, they did not allow them to work for the
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ferry. the question is why they could not use security both for the passengers -- both for the passengers. did they know how to handle this fire? all of these questions the investigators have to ask and answer now. quick thank you for bringing us up to date. click -- >> a search operation for the missing asia airline flight has expanded. so far, no conference -- confirmation. with 162 people were on board to singapore. >> visibility was poor and the sea was rough. the conditions for the search on saturday were extremely difficult. as long as they lead lasted, ships, helicopters and planes
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comes the java sea for signs of the missing airliner. that is where the asia flight disappeared from the radar screens while en route from java to singapore. authorities believe the plane went down over water and sank near an island. >> the evaluation of the accordance we've received is that it suggests is underwater. we believe the root aircraft -- believe the aircraft is now at the bottom of the sea. >> it has been a nightmare for relatives of those on board the plane. some gathered in the crisis at the airport to wait for news. but elsewhere in the airport it's business for -- as usual. air asia has already resumed flights between soda via and singapore.
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>> we were kind of worried about it, but it was too late to cancel, so we just kind of went through it. >> air asia has never lost before. shortly before he disappeared it had requested a change of course. -- air asia has never lost an airplane before. surely before it disappeared it had requested a change of course. lay. >> joining us now is an aviation expert. welcome, tim. why is it proving so difficult to find any sign of the plane? >> right now we have very bad thunderstorms developing. and we have limited disability -- limited visibility. >> many people are drawing parallels to flight mh 370 the malaysian airlines plane that disappeared in march. could this plane suffer a
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similar fate? >> i don't think so, and i hope not. the onset of this disaster is a bit different. here, it up and spers. -- it up and disappears. >> given that this is the second plane to simply vanish in this area within one year in this area, do we need better tracking devices and go how does one prevent such a thing from happening? >> it is amazing that we still don't know where this wreckage is. a video begin is supposed to start transmitting the emergency signal upon impact. -- a radio beacon is supposed to start transmitting emergency signal upon impact. this is something that could easily be done by the industry.
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the other thing that puzzles me all the time is, every cell phone can be tracked today. we have it covered all over the planet, but we are losing an airplane mid sky? this is unbelievable. the industry that is so much relying on safety and is in the worship of safety this is their highest thing here, have not come up with a solution to rectify this problem. and now we have a second plane missing within one year and we don't know where it is and we don't have any chance to rescue survivors and people who are maybe in the ocean there floating around. this is incredible. >> a lot of questions and still no answers. thank you for sharing your expertise. we will take a short break down, but when we come back, we will take a look at the cyber attack on the german chancellor's office. but all that and more in 60 seconds.
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-- >> all and more in 60 seconds.
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>> welcome back. as 2014 draws to a close, we are taking a look back at the big international stories. we begin with the report from gaza. this summer, they fought a 50-day long war with israel. >> in gaza, thousands of homes were destroyed and hundreds of people killed. winter for people in gaza is hard and many have little hope for the future. >> this is the eastern gaza strip. the war this summer has left the scars here. she is looking at the ruins of what was once her home.
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>> we need to be able to rebuild quickly. we are living at nomad right now. we eat and drink outside. we have this three-story house and now -- now we are sitting here and waiting. >> people search through the rubble for anything that can be put to use. construction materials are hard to find. the family lives in a shot during the day, but stays with relatives at night. -- in a shack during the day, but stays with relatives at night. over three months after the war, people still wait to rebuild ptheir homes, but without sufficient building materials coming into the gaza strip, they still have a long way to go and situation is highly uncertain. >> trucks carrying cement cross
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into gaza almost every day but strict control is kept to keep those in gaza from using them for military. they can buy limited amounts of construction equip and and goods. about 100,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. it is a tiresome process and there are all kinds of problems. >> we have a cease-fire that has not been realized. reconstruction has been going slower than anyone would want. and the needs are tremendous. and also the palestinian reconciliation has a long way to go. i can understand the people of gaza being frustrated. however, in the last few weeks we've seen some significant improvements in terms of the number of people with damaged shelters homes, apartments houses that have received
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construction material for repairs. >> the interim palestinian government in gaza can do very little. the international community has pledged about 4.3 billion euros in aid, but government officials complain that only a very small amount has arrived. >> the situation is very bad for us and for the future of the region. if our government is going to fail, i think we will never have this government in gaza and it's very dangerous. there is no hope. >>, is flexing its muscles again, the military wing of hamas in the port city. indirect negotiations between hamas and israel over a long-term cease-fire has been -- has been postponed indefinitely. the territory is isolated, just
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like before the conflict the summer. >> as far as our future here in gaza is concerned, it really depends on those who decide things. if they follow only their interest, then it looks bad for us. our state depends on israel and egypt. >> the situation just gets worse and worse, especially for young people like us. our future is uncertain. you think it is getting better and then all of a sudden gives worse again. -- it just gets worse again. >> people here say aid and emergency measures alone would make things better and while the future offer so little, many
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fear another war could be around the corner. >> countries in southeast asia has been -- has been hit by flooding. at least 10 have been killed in malaysia after some -- after strong winds added to the effects of seasonal rains. >> the government is facing criticism that it did not act quickly enough to do with the crisis. >> street on malaysia's east coast are submerged after days of heavy rain. the floods are the worst to hit the country for a decade. they've have already forced more than 150,000 people to leave their homes in search of safety. some of them have made their way to shelters. they are safer now, but they are fearing for their futures due to the damage caused by the floods. people's homes have been destroyed by the monsoon and they say the government's reaction has been too slow. the prime minister has promised extra funds to help those
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affected. >> firstly, the government will allocate the next or $143 million -- an extra $142 million to help the victims of the floods. that is on top of some floods the city of $40 million. whether that remains -- whether that is enough remains to be seen. some towns are flooded entirely and water levels have not dropped yet. rescue levels -- rescue efforts have already begun, but more rain is expected in the coming week. >> here in berlin, the chancellor's office has been exposed to hackers. it reports that a sophisticated malware program has been detected on a computer in chancellor angela merkel's headquarters. >> it was carted off by the nsa and british intelligence agencies. it can do it awful lot including take screenshots
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monitor traffic, and restore or delete data. an official civil servant unknowingly imported the device from her home computer on a usb stick. here's a closer look at the story. what else do you know about the alleged cyber hacking incident? >> it prompted a procedure with secret services to infect the computers of -- the private computers of those who work for the chancellor's office. >> to be know who is behind the attack echoed >> it was -- behind the attack? >> it was ingested maybe it was the u.s. behind it because they have used these tools before.
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but you never know who the culprit is, because it is difficult to identify the source of such an attack. >> and thinking similarly of the sony hot -- sony cyber hacking scandal. with sony was really bad at i.t. security, so they more or less got with a deserved. but in institutions like larger military or government organizations, i.t. security is still very bad. it is still difficult to implement. we lack the products and sufficient personnel and resources to do this task. at the moment, it is still easy for spies around the world to get into the systems. >> it sounds like there is a lot of work to do in that area. thank you for joining us. >> one year ago, formula one michelle schumacher suffered.
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>> there is a new website online for schumacher and it's only been online a few weeks, but is already receiving 43,000 visitors per day. his manager says his fight for recovery will be long and hard. >> news about michelle schumacher is always a company by the same footage, scenes of success from the past. no fresh images have been released since his skiing accident a year ago. on his 45th birthday just days after the accident, fans held a vigil outside the clinic he was in. schumacher's family thanked them for their support and continued to the -- to fiercely protect his privacy. messages of support continue to flood in via social media. some fan summit at him fighter of the year. -- some fans nominated him fighter of the year. they hope his courage will be rewarded in the coming year.
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a fat anniversary. i year since the accident. and the same -- a sad anniversary, one years since the accident. and the same questions. when will he be back among us? has he recovered any? is a questions no one is answering them a not even his manager who represents the family in public. in february, she accepted an honorary prize on his the half. the image is recalling happier times are all schumacher's fans have to go on. they are an expression of their hope that the hero will completely recovered. >> we end the show was something cold and sweet post the sharp drop -- cold and sweet. the sharp drop in temperatures have answered the prayers of some of germany's top winemakers. the frosty subzero conditions have frozen the grace that are used to make ice wine. that means they can finally harvest them and get down to business. >> the grapes are pressed immediately in a frozen state
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resulting in a distinctive suite aroma. ice wine, made from germany's riesling grapes are specially loved and coveted. >> greece is heading for a snap election after parliament failed to choose a new president. the greeks have been called to the ballot box on january 25. >> and the italian navy said all passengers have now been evacuated from the burning ferry in the adriatic sea. that doesn't us on the journal. -- that does it for us on the journal. thanks for watching. >> see you soon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> hello and welcome to "focus on europe." great you could join us. today, we remember europe's war of a hundred years ago and look
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at europe's war today in ukraine. also, and hungry, how the victims, not the perpetrators, of rate are blamed. the north italian alps, and in norway, tv viewers are taking their time. this week marks the second anniversary of a fatal gang rape in delhi which shocked the world


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